Sunday, August 24, 2008


Oh my... where do I begin?? The past 2 weeks are a fog!
Let's start with Drew...
He was such a big boy with his surgery. We had to check in at 7:00am, and they didn't call us to surgery until 10:30. That is a long time for a little guy to go without juice! We had lots of presents to open to buy time! He got his adenoids taken out, his sinuses cleaned out and a PICC line put in his right arm. He had a tough time waking up, and kept saying "they hurt me, they hurt me." Once the anesthesia wore off, he was okay.... until he found the PICC line, and needless to say, he wanted it "off!" We convinced him it was really cool (although I don't think he was buying it) and he was finally okay with it. We have to do Rocephin for 14 days and he is such a big boy about it. He just sits there watches "sea turtles" aka, Ninja Turtles. Here are a few pics:

On to Ryan...

Ryan had to check in this past Thursday at 6:00am for his hernia repair. Thankfully, we were the first case so we didn't have to wait very long. The hernia was only on the right side, so that was good. He did really well, and was just a little fussy once the pain medicine starting wearing off. He and I spent the night at the hospital and we were able to go home Friday morning.

Shall we not forget Reed... He has just been hanging out watching his brothers get ALL the attention!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Please say a little prayer for Drew. He is having his adenoids taken out and his sinuses "cleaned out" tomorrow. We have to be at Batson Hospital at 7am and he can't have any juice after 4am... this part is going to traumatize him. Juice is the first thing he asks for as soon as he wakes up each morning!!! AND, I had to go pick him up from school this morning because he was running 101.8 fever! They said we could still do the surgery as long as there were no other symptoms. We are having to give him Tylenol every 4 hours!
Also, Ryan went to the pediatrician this morning and weighs a whopping 8 pounds, 8 ounces!! So, we are very proud of him!! He also had to see the pediatric surgeon at Batson about his inguinal hernia. Turns out, it is a bilateral hernia, and the surgeon wants to do it now, rather than later. So, that is scheduled for next Thursday. We have to be there at 6:15am and he can't have any liquids after 4 am! We will have to spend the night because he is small.
I have decided that we are just a glutton for punishment around here!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

3 under 3!!

3 boys under the age of 3 ... oh my.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh Happy Day!!! (part 2)

Well, we are ALL home!!! Ryan weighs 7lb, 2oz and has been completely off of oxygen for about a week! It is a little overwhelming!! Drew did great at the hospital this morning, and Reed slept through most of it!! We will certainly miss all the wonderful nurses in the NICU, but are very glad to be home. Here are a few pics. (Will try to post more later!)

Reed (left) Ryan (right)