Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a great Thanksgiving this year at my parents' house. We certainly have many blessings for which to be thankful! As always, after Thanksgiving lunch, we headed to Lazy Acres Chrismas Tree farm to get our tree. Drew especially had lots of fun this year!
Looking for the perfect tree!

Our Tree!

the boys with Grammy & Papaw
Drew & Daddy making a plan!
Drew is supervising..
He decided Daddy needed some help!!

Riding in the "sleigh" (yes, that's the stroller in the back with the tree!)
Drew helping decorate Grammy's tree

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent Ramblings...

Wow! I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted. Here are a few recent pictures!

The babies really like sitting in the high chairs... even though they are still a little small for them!

This is what is usually going on at our house from about 6pm until they go to bed after the 7:30 bottle!



playtime in Reed's bed. (no, Ryan can't sit up yet... he is propped against the bed!!)
This past weekend, Carl, Drew and I went to Baton Rouge for Marvin and Sarah's wedding. It was fun to get away for a weekend and I think Drew enjoyed getting ALL the attention again!! Saturday morning, Carl's parents joined me and Drew for a trip to the Aquarium and IMAX in New Orleans. Drew had SO much fun. I was a little worried about the IMAX, it was an animated Christmas 3D show. He did great though. It was so funny to see him hold his hands out to try and touch the 3D stuff! SO cute!!

Of course, we couldn't leave Baton Rouge without going to campus to visit Mike the Tiger. Drew had a blast. Thankfully, Mike was very active while we were there. He walked all around and even took a swim. An older man was standing beside Drew while we were watching Mike in the water, and he looked at Drew and said, "did you know that tigers could swim?" Then, he laughed and said, "except they couldn't swim last night... they sank!"

Carl didn't think that was very funny. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

my guys

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a must read...

I do not want my blog to be about politics, but I am making this exception. I stole this website from the Meurriers, but I think it is worth sharing. Please read this article about Obama. Especially if you are not sure who you are going to vote for. This is written by Huntley Brown, a famous concert pianist, an African American and a Christian. He talks about the reasons that he can NOT cast his vote for Obama.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Love Dare

A few weeks ago, my mom was here and kept the babies so we could go to church. In October, our church is doing a marriage emphasis. Stan encouraged all married couples to get the book, The Love Dare. It is from the movie Fireproof. (He also encouraged everyone to go see the movie... I think we are gonna have to wait for the DVD!!) Anyway, we are reading it and it is really good. So, go get it and start it today if you haven't already! It is $7.99 at Lifeway!

this is why we don't go anywhere...

(this story is for you, ms. betty)
So, Monday of this week I noticed that both the babies were sounding really congested. I called the doctor's office and the nurse said to watch them and if it gets worse, or they start running fever to call back. So, yesterday, Reed started running a fever, and both of their congestion was worse, so, I called and made an appointment. Luckily they had one at 2:45. So, I loaded up the stroller, got the bag ready, changed their diapers, and packed the car. As I am unpacking the car in the parking lot, I realized that I had left the diaper bag in the kitchen. GREAT!!! As I am walking to the clinic, I am praying that no one will have a poopy diaper. Really? Haven't I learned by now that with my babies, doctor's office=poopy diaper. Anyway, they call us back. I begin to tell the nurse that Reed is now running fever, and no, I have not given him any Tylenol because we are OUT of it at home. No worries, she says, and leaves to go get us some. Sweet girl brought me two bottles. So, she leaves and I give Reed the Tylenol. The second it goes down, everything, and I mean everything comes right back up. Lots of mucus, the 1:00 bottle, all of it. Now, remember, I have no bibs, burp cloths, extra clothes, NOTHING. So, I am holding Reed in my left arm, and am trying to catch all the throw up with my right hand, while making my way to the sink. Well, my right hand starts overflowing and it all lands..... that's right... on the doctor's stool. Ok. So, I decided to worry about that later, and I get Reed over the sink and get him calmed down. His outfit is SO wet. So, I start scrounging around in my purse and guess what I found... a bib!! YEAH!! Except, wait... it is dirty. There are dried yellow spots all over it. So, why had I left this in my purse?? I do not know. So, I did what anybody would do. I turned it over and put the wrong side up. Then, I start trying to clean up, and realize that this job is a little too big for just me. So, I go get the sweet nurse. She brings in some "spray" and helps me clean. About that time... I thought I smelled poop. Really? Please, No!! Because, remember, I do not have anything with me! I checked Ryan, and thank goodness he was clean! I told the nurse that we were good, and didn't need any diapers. She said, well, they are in the cabinet if you do. OK. So, things are settled down again and we are waiting for the doctor.... Except... I just keep smelling something. So, I checked Ryan again. Nothing. Then, it dawned on me to check Reed. Tah-Dah!! Of course, he had a poopy diaper. So, I thought, I'm just gonna get a diaper and some wipes out of that cabinet, and no one will have to know. Well, guess what? They didn't have our size!!!! All they had were tiny, preemie sizes and big 4's and 5's. Well, I needed a 2. The thought crossed my mind to just make a size 4 work, but I knew it never would. So, I hung my head in shame, and walked back out to the nurses' desk to ask for a size 2 diaper. Of course, she was so sweet about it, but Really?? I get Reed settled and Dr. Jones comes in. He delivers the news that not only are they really congested, but they have ear infections!!!!!
I must say, though, they have handled this litte sickness very well! They both have slept well, and haven't been TOO fussy! I think I will pack a bag, though, just to always leave in the car!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

a Wedding & a Weekend Getaway!

Our friends Amy & Craig finally tied the knot!!!! It was such a beautiful, sweet, sweet wedding at the Grand Hotel in Fairhope, AL. I am so glad that Carl and I got to go. My parents kept ALL THREE boys from Friday to Sunday. We had such a great time, including breakfast in bed Saturday morning and shopping in downtown Fairhope that afternoon. It was so good to see lots of friends! It was a much needed get-away for us, but we really missed the boys and were very glad to see them Sunday afternoon. I think Drew was glad to see us as well... as soon as we walked in the door he was saying, "go to my house, go to my house!!"

The Rehearsal Dinner was at the Yacht Club.

Liz, Amy, Ginny, me

Amy's sisters made Amy & Craig play the shoe game... really cute!

Amy, me, Liz, Ginny

Some pictures of the Grand:

Luncheon on Saturday at the Fairhope Inn

Mary Katherine, me, Ginny, Liz, Amy, Anna, Dana

The Wedding was outside on the Grand Lawn and SO pretty!me, Amy, Clare

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these girls - Bridget, Clare, Ginny, me, Liz

Sunday, October 5, 2008

4 Months Old!

It is so hard to believe the twins are four months old! They aren't quite acting 4 months old, but I know they will catch up soon!! Here are a few recent pics!

At Kate Neil's birthday party, with Anna Bush, who shares the same birthday with the twins!

Reed, Ryan

Ryan, Mommy, Reed

Happy Day Drew!!!

I can't believe Drew turned 3 years old this week!! We just celebrated his "happy day" all week long. We made cupcakes, went to the fair, had brownies at school and a pizza party at home, then had a super fun dinosaur birthday party at the Courthouse Jumpzone on Saturday.

Drew got a cool Spiderman bike!

Playing Hungy, Hungy Hippos! So fun!

Courthouse JumpZone

Jordan, Drew, Owen. (They have been in the same class at school since they were 3 months old!)

Ethan, Drew, Olivia, Baker

Drew and Gabe (both have twin babies at home to deal with!!)