Monday, August 27, 2007

X-Rays are Easy!!

Well, actually, they are very much NOT easy! We had a little bit of a trying experience today. Drew had allergy testing done this morning at Dr. Haltom's office.. which, by the way, is not too much fun, either. He wasn't allergic to anything. Then, Dr. Haltom told us he wanted Drew to have a CT scan of his sinuses done at Baptist. Well, his nurse called Baptist to schedule us an appointment and lo and behold, they told us to come right over, that they could do it right now! Well, we should have known better than that! Actually, we didn't have to wait too long. We had to go through the whole admissions process, Drew of course hated the bracelet on his arm. Then, we finally got called back for the scan. Only one parent could go, so I went with Drew. Let me just say that this was a difficult experience for all those involved. They put Drew on the table, swaddled him up with several sheets and blankets (arms by his side), put his head on the "bean bag" tray and strapped him over his cheeks and forehead. By this point, Drew and I are both crying, but Drew is wailing, screaming, etc, etc. So, I try to talk to him about Elmo, Zoe, Barney, comparing this to riding a wagon (?? I know, it was a stretch) any, or all of the above. When it was finally over, what seemed to be an eternity, I picked him up and he finally calmed down. Well, his reward was a sticker that reads "X-rays are Easy!" I mean, really? Not so much. I hope that we don't have to do that again anytime soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's been a while since our last post! Just thought I'd post a few pictures of what Drew has been up to lately....

A couple of months ago, Drew moved up to the younger 2 year old room at school. One of the biggest changes was that now for breakfast and lunch, they sit at little tables, rather than high chairs and also, no more sippee cups!!! So, they gave us a "real" cup to bring home to practice with. He is doing great! However, most of the time we use sippee cups to avoid having to clean up lots of messes!

See what kind of mess we make when we eat??

Drew is fearless these days. Here we are standing on the car, watching Elmo.

A man after my own heart... Drew likes the piano. His favorite song to play with mama is "happy...a-mmmeeeeaaannnn" aka "if you're happy and you know it." He says the words happy, and amen. the amen is very long and drawn out, but very cute!! He points to his cheeks and smiles when we get to the part about "then your face will surely show it."