Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recent Ramblings...

Wow! I can't believe it has been so long since I've posted. Here are a few recent pictures!

The babies really like sitting in the high chairs... even though they are still a little small for them!

This is what is usually going on at our house from about 6pm until they go to bed after the 7:30 bottle!



playtime in Reed's bed. (no, Ryan can't sit up yet... he is propped against the bed!!)
This past weekend, Carl, Drew and I went to Baton Rouge for Marvin and Sarah's wedding. It was fun to get away for a weekend and I think Drew enjoyed getting ALL the attention again!! Saturday morning, Carl's parents joined me and Drew for a trip to the Aquarium and IMAX in New Orleans. Drew had SO much fun. I was a little worried about the IMAX, it was an animated Christmas 3D show. He did great though. It was so funny to see him hold his hands out to try and touch the 3D stuff! SO cute!!

Of course, we couldn't leave Baton Rouge without going to campus to visit Mike the Tiger. Drew had a blast. Thankfully, Mike was very active while we were there. He walked all around and even took a swim. An older man was standing beside Drew while we were watching Mike in the water, and he looked at Drew and said, "did you know that tigers could swim?" Then, he laughed and said, "except they couldn't swim last night... they sank!"

Carl didn't think that was very funny. :)